Meet The Team

Environmental Health at Flinders University

The Environment Health group at Flinders University is the leading environmental health research team in Australia. The team bring a unique set of expertise in environmental microbiology, toxicology, mycology and risk assessment to achieve a multi-disciplinary approach to tackling some of the most pressing human health issues.

Professor Howard Fallowfield

College of Science and Engineering

Dr Kirstin Ross

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Health
College of Science and Engineering

Dr Harriet Whiley

Lecturer in Environmental Health
College of Science and Engineering

  • Rebecca Phyland
  • Professor Nancy Cromar
  • Professor Geoff Codd
  • Associate Professor John Edwards
  • Dr Katerina Babina
  • Dr Natalie Bolton
  • Dr Michael Taylor
Current PhD students and projects

Peter Reeve

Project - Removal of Organic Chemicals from Water by Aquifer Filtration in Managed Aquifer Recharge Schemes

Thilini Keerthirathne

Project - Potential control mechanisms for Salmonella Typhimurium associated with eggs and raw egg products

Mira Beknazarova

Project - Human and canine Strongyloides stercoralis 

Nachalida Yukalang

Project - Municipal solid waste management in a rapidly urbanizing area in Thailand

Nosheen Moshan

Project - Design evaluation of Oaklands Park Wetland through water quality analyses