Current PhD Students and Projects


Nachalida Yukalang

PhD Candidate

Project Title

Municipal solid waste management in a rapidly urbanizing area in Thailand



PhD project details:

Thesis title: Municipal solid waste management in a rapidly urbanizing area in Thailand

Supervisors: Dr. Kirstin Ross and Associate Professor Beverley Clarke



Waste generation in Thailand is increasing. This presents a unique set of challenges as plans for solid waste management have been put in place by Thailand’s national government; however, implementation has not proven successful as most local organizations are still facing difficult barriers. My research reviews current municipal waste management plans in Thailand and examines municipal waste management in the Tha Khon Yang Sub-district surrounding Mahasarakham University in Mahasarakham province. This area has been converted from a rural to an urban environment featuring accommodation for several thousand students and business facilities. This development and migration have outpaced the government’s ability to manage municipal solid waste. Not only are there significant opportunities to improve local infrastructure and operational capacity, at this time there are few mechanisms to provide and distribute information for improving community participation in waste management. There is also little segregation of waste into streams for recycling. Many community-based waste management projects, such as waste recycling banks, the 3Rs, and waste-to-biogas projects have been abandoned. Additionally, waste from this area has been transferred to unsanitary landfill; there is also haphazard dumping and uncontrolled burning of waste, which exacerbate current pollution issues.